Explore Sharktooth Beach During Your Jekyll Island Vacation

What is a vacation to Georgia’s coast without time spent in the sun, sand, and waves? Not surprisingly, Jekyll Island’s beaches are among its most popular attractions. Across the island, there are beautiful public beaches open to visitors. However, one beach – a local secret – is a bit different than the rest. 


Sharktooth Beach is not a typical beach! Instead of sand, it is covered in a naturally occurring blanket of oyster shells. During high and low tide, these shells are especially pronounced, and in low tide, a narrow strip of the muddy bottom of the beach is exposed – the best place to dig for shark teeth and other treasures! 

There is a small lot at the beach but no other amenities. For this reason, it is important to pack all you expect to need on your visit, such as food, water, and sunscreen.

shark teeth

Things to Do

Unlike Jekyll Island’s other beaches, Sharktooth Beach isn’t the place to suntan or soak in the sand and sun. Its oyster covering makes it unappealing for a rest stop, so anyone who makes the effort of coming is certainly there for one thing: treasure hunting. 

What might you find at Sharktooth Beach? As the name implies, shark teeth are the most common find. However, some especially lucky treasure hunters have even found teeth belonging the Megalodon, a 58’ prehistoric shark with 7-inch teeth and a bite force of 24,395 pounds. Megalodon teeth are approximately the size of a banana, so finding one of these is truly remarkable!

Teeth are not the only thing to be found. Pottery, weapons, and other washed up human remnants occasionally reveal themselves. The area has a diverse history, dating back to the first Native Americans all the way down to recent centuries with Spanish missionaries, English settlers, and French planters. Who knows? You might be lucky to find some of their material remains!

Additionally, the Sharktooth Beach area has some interesting trailways for walking, though usually, it is too dense and thin for bikers. Because of the solitude, it is a great place to search for wildlife or go birding. There is incredible biodiversity in the area, so with a little patience, you may be impressed at what you find!

Plan Your Next Stay

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Part of the excitement of Sharktooth Beach is making it there! There is no car access; the only way to get there is by walking – or biking, if one is able to make the narrow trail. The trail begins at Riverview Drive, near the Summer Waves Water Park. From there, it winds through maritime forest bordering virgin marshland for more than a mile. It is a true hike, so be sure to wear the appropriate footwear such as waterproof boots, because the trail may be muddy after a storm. 

Where to Stay 

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