Explore These Beautiful Jekyll Island Beaches

Jekyll Island, Georgia, is a truly breathtaking vacation destination. Visitors from around the state and, increasingly, travelers from across the country are discovering the area’s beauty from our very own Jekyll Island vacation rentals!

There are tons of things to do on Jekyll Island, but no trip to an island would be complete without spending plenty of time on the beach. 

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Jekyll Island Beaches

Jekyll Island is largely preserved in an effort to keep its natural beauty and bounty of wildlife. The island, all in all, is as pristine as it was hundreds of years ago! You can enjoy the amazing Jekyll Island weather no matter the season by planning a trip down to the shoreline. Come see this incredible nature come to life at one of the local Jekyll Island beaches. 

Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island

At Driftwood Beach in Jekyll Island, you will encounter 10 miles of beaches. A few of the beaches located throughout Jekyll Island are packed with picnic areas, restrooms, showers, and viewing towers. Not so with clandestine Driftwood Beach. Instead, you’ll find a much smaller and secluded location that lends itself well to a relaxing afternoon with your family or a romantic evening with your partner. 

This is one of those curious beaches that many travelers will completely miss. Finding it is only done by spotting the small parking lot along the side of the road. The lot generally has but a few vehicles whose drivers have seemingly wandered off. However, the secret is out; a closer look reveals a pathway through the coastal flora to the beach, otherwise hidden from the road.

Driftwood Beach stands out as a unique and majestic experience to travelers with its iconic driftwood formed through decades of wind and weather erosion. It is a gentle sandy shore lined with weathered tree trunks and branches, creating a sight that’s truly full of wonder on the Golden Isles.

Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island is an enriching and memorable vacation destination that far too many folks just don’t know about, making it a vacationer’s sanctuary of mystery and pure delight. Thankfully, this incredible beach is located not far from many of our most popular Jekyll Island cottages. Driftwood Beach, located near the island’s northern point, gets much less foot traffic than nearby neighbors. 

Shark Tooth Beach Jekyll Island 

While Shark Tooth Beach in Jekyll Island may just be a well-kept island secret that many locals might try to hide, those who truly love scavenging coastal waterways seek out Shark Tooth Beach for washed-up shark’s teeth and other treasures yet unfound.

When the tide goes out, the shark’s teeth and many other wonders slowly expose themselves in a daily ritual of revelation. Not only will you be able to see some incredible items come up to the shore, but you’ll also have an amazing, one-of-a-kind souvenir to remember your travels by! 

The trail to the beach from your vehicle is interesting and reveals many dense walking pathways, which are great for birding and even the discovery of some potential artifacts. When heading out at Shark Tooth Beach, a few supplies are suggested, such as water bottles and perhaps a fanny pack with some snacks, as there are no stores or stands at this beach.

Plan Your Next Visit

When your family is ready for a relaxing getaway, head to one of the many Parker-Kaufman Jekyll Island rentals and find all the comforts of home in this splendid oceanfront community. Contact us today to learn why we are the number one choice for good times and more. There’s no better place to retreat with your loved ones than here on Jekyll Island, Georgia.

Great Dunes Beach 

Great Dunes Beach in Jekyll Island is a departure from Shark’s Tooth and has a huge and family-friendly parking lot with lots of things to do. Here, you will find a good variety of play areas, including bocce ball and volleyball courts. There is even a large activities deck that hangs by the water with ample space for the things that families love doing on an outing at the beach.

Nearby restrooms and showers are well maintained, and the picnic pavilion is large and well-shaded, allowing visitors to escape the afternoon sun while enjoying breakfast or lunch. Bring your bikes and beach cruisers and ride the available and easy-to-find bike trails. As we’ve already mentioned, the other two beaches here don’t have much in the way of amenities. However, if you are looking for a beach with all kinds of special features, Great Dunes Beach is where you’re going to want to be.

If you want another option to get away from the sun-soaked beach for a bit, you can explore the nearby biking trails. Of course, pets are allowed on a short leash, so bring the entire family for a fun-filled and memory-making day at the beaches of Jekyll Island. You’ll have a full 20 acres of breathtaking shorelines and parks. Once you visit, you’ll understand why this area is considered to be Jekyll Island’s biggest and most ambitious beach destination.

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When your family is ready for some adventure and Jekyll Island is your chosen destination, you’re in for an exciting time with unforgettable memories together with the ones you love most! There is only one choice when vacationing in Georgia and that is Jekyll Island, the place of mystery and adventure where your days will be filled with fun.

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