What is the Weather Like in Jekyll Island, GA?

If you’re planning a family vacation to Jekyll Island, you’re in for a treat! Jekyll Island vacation rentals can be an incredible time for your family, no matter what season you choose to visit. However, while you’re planning your dream getaway, you’re probably wondering what the best time of year is to visit. A lot of the answer to this question depends on the weather. Jekyll Island does experience distinct seasons but sees pleasant weather all year round. Here is an entire breakdown of what you can expect in each season on Jekyll Island.

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As you might expect, summer is the busiest time of year for historic Jekyll Island. The weather is warm but not unbearable, which leads many to flock to the shores of the island throughout the summer months of June, July, and August. Typical high temperatures for these months can range anywhere from the low 70s to the upper 90s, so there is quite a big differential here. However, humidity doesn’t tend to be a huge factor, so the higher temperatures are often less taxing than they are in higher humidity climates.

Luckily, summer tends to be pretty dry on Jekyll Island. June and July typically see a 20% chance of rain, but the chance jumps up towards the end of August with an average 30% chance of rain on any given day. This is the perfect time to come and experience the incredible waters of Jekyll Island to help you get out of the heat.


As fall comes around and temperature start to drop, visitors to Jekyll Island enjoy a more manageable experience. Temperatures in the fall months of September, October, and November can range anywhere from the low 50s to the low 70s.

September still tends to be pretty warm, but as the fall season progresses, temperatures drop fast.

As the temperatures drop, so does the chance of precipitation. September typically sees around a 25% chance of precipitation, while October and November see a 10% to 15% chance on average. You likely won’t need to bring your umbrella with you, but you might want to pack a light jacket in case you experience a shower or want to venture out in the evening when it’s cooler. This is the slowest time for tourism, so you’re likely to have the island all to yourself!


Winter weather in Jekyll Island, GA, is certainly colder than any other time of year. From the months of December, January, and February, low temperatures stay in the 40s or 50s while high temperatures remain in the 60s. This is definitely the time of year that you will want to bring jeans and long sleeves. Even though you may not want to experience the outdoor activities during the winter, there are plenty of indoor activities to keep you occupied.

Even though the temperatures might be cooler, you are not likely to get rained out of your plans. All throughout the winter months, rain chances stay at or below 20%, so there’s no need for an umbrella. While Christmas time might bring a boost in activity, this tends to be a slower period for tourism.


Jekyll Island springs are a sight to be seen as the temperatures rise and the plants bloom again. For the spring months of March, April, and May, temperatures can range anywhere from the low 50s in the beginning of March to the upper 70s towards the end of May. Spring is enjoyable here, but it doesn’t last long! Humidity also comes into play during this time, so it may not feel as cold as it actually is.

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The chances of precipitation stay relatively low throughout the spring months as well, averaging less than a 20% chance of rain for all three spring months. Spring starts to see more tourists return to the Jekyll Island area, but it can still be more pleasant than visiting in the crowded and hot summer months. No matter what time of year you visit, consider staying in one of our Jekyll Island cottages! We have everything you needed to ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay. Contact us today to learn more!