St. Simons Island Rentals

St. Simons Island is the quintessential Georgia oceanside escape and our St. Simons Island rentals help capture the beautiful surroundings of the area. We seek to embody our St. Simons Island vacation rentals with all the best features and amenities to capture the area’s beauty. Some of these features include a deck overlooking the golf course and a landscape boasting stunning and large century-old oaks. Enjoy being within walking distance of restaurants, a lighthouse, community theater, town library, the beaches, and fishing piers. Other features include a screened-in porch and master bedroom suites! Choose from multiple location options, between our rentals on St. Simons and our Jekyll Island rentals.

Things to do in St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island has everything you could possibly fit into a romantic vacation getaway. With its breathtaking marshes when the sun settles over the horizon to its bold lighthouses and expansive beaches, St. Simons Island is an idyllic nook for romantics, adventurers, and history lovers alike. This is the kind of vacation getaway you deserve. So what helps make St. Simons so special? The Island is tucked away in the furthest fringes of Georgia. Here you can visit quiet and isolated dog-friendly beaches, see the breathtaking coastline of Brunswick, and play on the slides and bars at Neptune Park. The area is perfect for soaking in the best of nature. Between the fishing and water sports, trails through the marshlands, and many historical sites, all visitors can find a little memory to take back home.

Why Parker-Kaufman Realty?

St. Simons Island is truly the heart of the Golden Isles. We want to make sure you have the best possible experience tucked away on the Island. While we want to make sure you are comfortable and have your private space, we also don’t want you to be too far away from the area’s many natural attractions and sights. We believe we have found some of the finest St. Simons Island rentals out there. We also acquired a few Jekyll Island rentals. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable getaway today.