Cottages Rental FAQ


MANAGEMENT: Each Cottage is privately owned and managed by Parker-Kaufman Realtors. Parker-Kaufman Realtors is also the onsite management company. The office is located inside TCAJI Clubhouse. Hours are Monday-Friday 9-5 and 10-4 on Saturday. Closed Sunday. Telephone Number 912-319-2161

KEYS: The Cottages at Jekyll Island uses keyless entry, a code will be required for access.  Two key fobs will be on the kitchen island. These will give access to the pool and clubhouse.

LOCATION: In order to locate your Cottage, the physical address on your confirmation will need to be used.

PAPER PRODUCTS: There will be a starter set of paper products (toilet tissue, paper towels, trash bags, dish washer pods, soap & shampoo in each bathroom) Please keep in mind that this is a starter set, should you deplete your supply, you will need to replenish at your expense. So plan accordingly.

LINENS: Linens are included with your rental. There will be one towel/wash cloth set per guest, for the maximum number of guests the Cottage occupies.  If the Cottage sleeps 6 there will be 6 set ups, etc. Each cottage is equipped with washer & dryer.  TCAJI has a policy against any laundry hanging outside on railings. This includes beach towels, swimwear, etc.

All cottages are equipped with ranges, refrigerators, cookware, flatware, and dishes. Each is furnished, equipped and maintained according to the owner’s preference. All Cottages are housekeeping cottages, with vacuum, broom and mop provided. Bedding includes mattress pads, pillows and bedspreads.

All of the cottages offer the following: air conditioning, heat, telephone, television, and cable TV service (some have HBO or upgraded digital cable service, where noted). Parker-Kaufman, as rental agents, CANNOT GUARANTEE the operation of the air conditioning, or other appliances: however, we will do our very best to have any malfunction repaired as soon as possible. Please note: Your refrigerator works best on the middle setting. If you have just arrived with room temperature groceries or hot items from your automobile, please allow at least 12 to 24 hours for the refrigerator to reach the proper setting. It helps to not load entire cases of hot soda cans all at once.


WIFI: Each Cottage has WIFI service. WIFI password will be in the Cottage Book on the kitchen island. Xfinity is the service provider.

FURNITURE: Furniture moved from one area of the cottage to another will result in additional charges. DO NOT REMOVE ANY FURNISHINGS FROM THE COTTAGE or move it from one cottage to another (furniture, cookware, dishes, utensils, etc.)

NEIGHBORS: Not everyone at The Cottages is on vacation. There are folks who live here full time, as well as part-time residents. Only 40 of the 122 cottages are rental, so please be courteous of your neighbors.

TRASH & RECYCLING: There are two compactors located north of the Cottages Clubhouse. One for recycling and one for household garbage. These are compactors and not dumpsters, so you have to physically open the door to put the trash inside.  Do not store garbage on porches.

DEPARTURE: We ask that you empty the refrigerator, empty all the trash and run the dishwasher. 2 Clubhouse keyfobs are to be left on the kitchen island. There will be an automatic $20.00 charge per fob that is not on the island at departure. Please secure the cottage when leaving.

PARKING: Each Cottage has a two car parking pad in front and some have additional garage space available. Please be aware of the number of vehicles allowed at each Cottage. Parking in the street or on the grass is prohibited. Campers, boats and trailers are not allowed on the premises at The Cottages.  A vehicle registration will need to be completed and returned to the clubhouse office within 24 hours of arrival.

Currently a fee of $6.00 is charged by The Jekyll Island Authority for each vehicle entering Jekyll Island. (A parking fee of $10.00 may be charged during certain holidays) Parking fees are used to help maintain Jekyll Island’s pristine beauty. Other options are available: (subject to change)

Yearly Decal – $45.00 (Plus a one time equipment fee) or a Weekly Decal – $28.00.

Brunswick Office

Parker Kaufman
506 Monck Street
Brunswick, GA 31520
(912) 265-7711

Jekyll Island Office

Parker Kaufman
21 Main Street, Suite 103
Jekyll Island, GA 31527
(912) 635-2512

The Cottages

The Cottages at Jekyll Island
200 Turtle Track Lane
Jekyll Island, GA 31527
(912) 319-2161