Explore Little Raccoon Key During Your Jekyll Island Vacation

Jekyll Island is an adventurer’s paradise. Whether you go searching for Shark Tooth Beach or explore old mansions, there is always something new to be discovered. Though Jekyll Island might be a bit of an underrated vacation destination, that can be good news for you! You can experience all the best Jekyll Island things to do without worrying about huge crowds.

The adventure is not limited to Jekyll Island, however. In addition to all the natural beauty, you can experience on Jekyll Island, there is even more in the surrounding area.

Small islands dot the coastline, and a boat charter can take you to them. Just a 10-minute boat ride away is the beautiful and unspoiled Little Raccoon Key. This unspoiled island is definitely worth a visit!

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Located just off the coast of Georgia, Little Raccoon Key is a small reef island that comprises part of the Golden Isles of Georgia. It boasts abundant marine, land, and birdlife, making it a one-of-a-kind attraction. The key’s history stretches back centuries to the days of Timucua/Guale natives and later French, Spanish, and English explorations. Today, Little Raccoon Key is the sight of modern-day ecotourism and conservation efforts. By visiting Little Raccoon Key, you become a part of its history!

On your trip, you will witness a 10,000-year-old bivalve reef, a spartina grass savannah, shell middens, mounds, and rakes, and an abundance of wildlife. Lucky guests may catch a glimpse of dolphin pods! There are also dozens of fish species, blue crabs, fiddler crabs, and hundreds of bird species, especially during migration season. The island is home to rare trees such as the Privet, and sometimes, ancient artifacts can be found along its shores!


With Jekyll Island as your base, there are various day tours available for your pleasure and convenience. These tours can give you an inside look at all the most fascinating parts of Raccoon Key. They will also put you under the watchful eye of an experienced guide. They can show you the ropes and teach you everything you ever wanted to know about the island.

Consider a 4-hour tour departing from Jekyll Harbor Marina. At a $175 per person cost, the tour includes a “River of Dolphins” round trip to and from Little Raccoon Key. The boat ride involves an onboard marine history and biology tour, with views of St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, Cumberland Island, and the gorgeous Sidney Lanier Bridge. Though just a 10-minute boat ride to and from Little Raccoon Island, the waters are teeming with wildlife. It is not uncommon to see large pods of dolphins swimming by or pelicans diving into the water to catch fish. There are many photo opportunities during this brief boat ride! Snacks and water are provided. 

Upon arrival on the key, you will participate in an anthropology and artifact expedition around the island on Oyster Dunes. This comes with a history lesson of Little Raccoon Island from 1525 to 1892, stretching from the first Indigenous peoples to European exploration. If you’re traveling with kids, this can be a great way to truly make history come alive for them! 

The tour also includes an ancient oyster reef lesson where you will be educated on the importance of oysters to the island’s ecosystems. Also, be wary when walking around them as they can be very sharp! It is wise to bring boots on the tour for exploring the oyster reefs to ensure that your feet are protected at all times. 

Alternatively, you might consider the 3-hour Little Raccoon Key Fishing Charter & History Tour. The tour costs $450 for a group of up to six people. Departing from Jekyll Harbor Marina, the vessel trip takes you to and from secret fishing spots for the very best catch. Your experienced captain will assist in ensuring all goes smoothly. Also included in the tour are a snack and a Little Raccoon History Lesson.

If you don’t go fishing often or are traveling with kids who have never been fishing before, don’t worry. This Jekyll Island fishing charter is ideal for kids and adults alike, regardless of skill level! Since your guide will show you all the best spots for catching fish, you don’t have to be an expert angler to reel something in!

For the best of both tours, consider booking the Little Raccoon Key Day Trip & Fishing Charter. This 3-hour tour includes up to 6 people for $695. You will receive the captain’s guidance and support in accessing the very best fishing spots, as well as reeling your catch in. There is an onboard marine history and biology tour and an intro to Little Rock Island at Oyster Dune. Included are a snack and water. 

Plan Your Next Vacation

Start planning your vacation by exploring our full array of Jekyll Island rentals, and contact us to transform your vision into reality! 


For special events, private tours are available. The 5-hour Oyster Reef Roast tour offers fresh seafood alongside a fun-filled tour. Light beverages and all food, condiments, plates, and cutlery are included. You and your party will receive chef-prepared oysters, native reef illustrations, and shucking lessons. The ride to and from the island will include an onboard marine history and biology-guided tour. Also included are the anthropology and artifact expedition around the island on Oyster Dunes, an ancient oyster reef lesson, and the region’s guided history.

Alternatively, the Little Raccoon Key Low Country Boil provides the same tour features but a meal of shrimp instead of oyster. The chef prepares illustrations and shrimp peeling lessons. The food is unparalleled, but watching the preparation makes it even better! You’re sure to enjoy your meal that much more when you get a better understanding of how it wound up on your plate. You can even make reservations online.

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Where to Stay

While Little Raccoon Key makes a perfect day trip, you’ll want to book your accommodations on Jekyll Island, which is plenty fascinating in itself. Once home to the Rockefellers, Goulds, Morgans, and other elite American families, you’ll be stepping foot on what used to be the private property of the uber-rich. Today, you can explore the historic homes and the natural beauty of the island. It doesn’t take much to see what attracted America’s rich and famous to this piece of paradise!

During your stay, consider booking one of our Jekyll Island vacation rentals. Many local property owners have purchased their homes with retirement in mind. Some are permanent owners, but others have not entirely settled in permanently and chose to rent their homes to defray ownership cost. 

For temporary visitors, The Cottages at Jekyll Island make a lovely stopping point. All rentals are 3 bedrooms at minimum. You’ll also have huge outdoor living and entertaining spaces, a fully equipped kitchen with upscale appliances, relaxing d├ęcor throughout the property, access to community amenities like a pool, fitness center, fire pit, and close proximity to the main attractions of Jekyll Island.