Why Visit Jekyll Island In The Fall?

You’ve decided you want to visit Jekyll Island on an upcoming getaway. Awesome! It’s a wonderful place to explore no matter what you want to get into. Now comes the big question: when to visit. You’re probably wondering, “What time of year is it best to visit Jekyll Island?” The answer is undoubted, “Fall!” Here are all the reasons why you should book one of our Jekyll Island rentals during the fall.

Nice Weather

The fall months of September, October, and November have some of the best Jekyll Island weather of the year. These months see average highs in the 70s and lows in the 60s. You’ll experience cooler mornings and evenings with pleasant weather during the day. This pattern allows you to enjoy a slow-paced start to your day, perhaps with some indoor activities, then enjoy the beach during mid-day and return to an indoor attraction in the evening. When it’s too cold to swim, you can curl up in front of the fire.

There also isn’t much rain during these months, so you don’t have to worry about your plans getting ruined. September is still considered the wet season with around a 25% chance of rain daily, but that chance quickly drops when October comes around. Don’t forget you’ll also have the gorgeous scenery around you when the leaves begin to change, making for an awesome photo op!

Less Crowds

Despite the amazing weather, there aren’t many crowds in the fall in Jekyll Island. The most crowded season by far is summer, so once Labor Day Weekend has passed, the island doesn’t see many tourists. Most people are back to school or a stricter work schedule, so they don’t tend to flock back to the island until winter.

With smaller crowds to content with, you’ll basically have the island to yourself! There won’t be long lines at any of the attractions, and you can get to know the friendly locals since they won’t have as many people to entertain. Plus, it’s much easier to keep track of your kids without having to fight those huge crowds. If you’re looking to truly relax and escape your worries on vacation, heading to Jekyll Island in the fall is ideal.

Save Money

Since summer is typically crowded, prices for vacation rentals go up exponentially. However, since tons of people leave after summer is over, these rentals are suddenly vacant. Since renters are eager to get bookings, they’re willing to lower their prices in hopes of attracting visitors. That’s where you come in!

Plan Your Visit

Come discover why fall in Jekyll Island is an unbelievable time! Browse our Jekyll Island vacation rentals and find the perfect one for your family.

Fall in Jekyll Island is the time to get an absolute steal on your vacation rental. You’ll find the lowest prices of the year during the fall, so you can get a gorgeous property at an unbeatable price point. Even better, if you’re staying with a larger group, try to split the cost of your accommodations with others, saving you even more money!

Where to Stay

Fall in Jekyll Island is an incredible time, and you’ll have your pick of the island’s best accommodations. At Parker-Kaufman, we’re proud to offer Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island rentals for any group, no matter how many people you have or what kind of budget you’re on. We can work with your availability since we offer 3-night minimums, perfect for a quick trip over a long weekend.