Rent a Jekyll Island Red Bug During Your Vacation

When thinking of an Island vacation most people tend to think of Cuba or the Caribbean, however, some of the islands right here in America are just as beautiful. Jekyll Island is one of them. Review our list of Jekyll Island cottages and you are sure to agree. 

Whether you are looking for beautiful scenery, historic sites, gorgeous beaches, or incredible food, Jekyll Island has everything that you could possibly need. There are ferries available to take you to some of the surrounding islands, and Red Bugs available to take you everywhere you want to go on Jekyll Island.

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History of the Red Bug Jekyll Island

In the early 1920s, the best way to get around Jekyll Island was a jaunty electric roadster, and today we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

While eco-friendly cars are here to stay, we suggest renting one of the Red Bug’s while visiting Jekyll Island, as it is the best electric roadster on the market for your vacation needs. The open-air buckboard was envisioned by Pierre Lorillard, a tobacco tycoon on Jekyll Island. For years the only way to get around the island quickly was in this “cyclecars”, which became known as Red Bugs.

The cars, which could reach speeds of 20mph were fully created by Chris Nielsen, who went searching for bike wheels and found so much more in a company called Briggs & Stratton. The flyer was created, which resembled a modern dune buggy, and was marketed to those on the island as a cheaper alternative to a car. There are plenty of local companies on the island that has Red Bugs available for rent, and we suggest taking one out for a spin while you are here. 


There are some rules to remember while visiting Jekyll Island, which includes some rules regarding the Jekyll island GEM car. Red Bugs would be classified as golf carts, and as such, they are not permitted on any bike paths. If you wish to take them on the road you can, but they must be street legal, meaning they must have a barking system, reflectors, horn, rear view mirror, seat belts, and handholds for each passenger. 

While on Jekyll Island they ask that you respect the beaches. No flashlights are allowed on the beach at night, as they are not turtle-friendly. As such, be sure to avoid turtle nesting areas, and if you happen to come across one, view at a safe distance to both you and the turtles. Under no circumstance should you ever disturb a turtle nesting area. 

If you are scouring the beach for shells and rocks you are expected to only take shells that are empty, and sand dollars that are dead. 

Plan Your Next Visit

So why wait any longer to book your vacation here on Jekyll Island. Pick up a phone and call 912.635.2515 and let us help you book your next Jekyll Island rental!

Other rules that you may want to take into consideration include having pets on a leash, keeping them out of the dunes, and cleaning up after them. 


The rental pricing of the Red Bugs depends on the size and length of time that you plan on having the rental for. If you are looking for something for 2 passengers for a full day (24 hours), then you can expect to pay around $105USD. However, most companies also offer a 5-day rental price, which will be around $315. In many cases it is cheaper, in the long run, to book for 5 days. There are also Red Bugs available for 4 passengers, and even 6.