Have Your Groceries Delivered to Your Jekyll Island Vacation Rental

Planning a vacation can be an incredibly fun time, but it can also be expensive. Between booking your Jekyll Island rental, paying for all of the Jekyll Island attractions you and your family want to do while you’re in town, and grabbing some unique souvenirs to remember your travels by, the costs can add up fast. And we haven’t even mentioned your costs for food! Eating out for every meal is one of the fastest ways to drain your bank account, especially if you’re feeding a large family.

Groceries on Jekyll Island

One of the best ways to save money, experience the local cuisine, and spend some quality time with your family is to purchase groceries and cook your meals on your vacation. Luckily, our Jekyll Island rentals have everything you’ll need to prepare some delicious food! The best part is that you don’t even have to worry about going to the grocery store yourself. Here’s everything you need to know about getting your groceries delivered to your rental!

ssi groceries on jekyll island

SSI Groceries

SSI Groceries is an incredibly convenient service helping visitors get their groceries on Jekyll Island. This company makes it easy for you to submit your grocery order and have everything purchased for you and stocked in your vacation rentals even before you arrive! The team at SSI Groceries can grab any groceries you might need, from your basic pantry staples to health and beauty items, cleaning supplies, items for your kids and pets, specialty items from the deli or seafood counter; fresh produce, premade meals, and so much more!

One of the best parts about working with SSI Groceries is that they place your groceries directly in your vacation rental. Many other grocery delivery services will simply do the shopping for you and leave your groceries out for you to put away yourself. When you work with SSI Groceries, though, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your entire vacation rental is stocked with your favorite treats before you get there. Plus, you can feel good about knowing you’re supporting a great local business!

Parker-Kaufman is proud to have an exclusive partnership with SSI Groceries, ensuring that every guest in our Jekyll Island cottages can get the groceries they need quickly and affordably. 

Truly, the process for getting your groceries delivered from SSI Groceries couldn’t be simpler. First, you’ll visit their website to browse their grocery collection and select the items you want. They offer items in virtually every category you can think of. Everything is available at a great price that’s sure to save you money compared to eating out. On their website, you can also select your preferred shopping slot, so you can make sure that your vacation rental is stocked before you arrive. If you don’t have the time to browse the collection on their website, you can also email SSI Groceries to submit your order. Just be sure to include your check-in date and your phone number and let them know that you are staying with us here at Parker-Kaufman.

When the day arrives, the team at SSI Groceries will head out to pick up every item on your list. All of the produce and vegetables you have selected will be picked from only the freshest available items, so you don’t have to worry about finding anything spoiled. Plus, having the SSI Groceries team shop for you means that you can save valuable time at the grocery store and avoid the temptations like the candy aisle!

Once your groceries have all been retrieved, the SSI Groceries team will come to see us at Parker-Kaufman, and we’ll help them get into your rental. They’ll unload everything for you, putting items away in the pantry, fridge and freezer, and cabinets, and then they’ll be on their way! All that’s left for you to do is show up and find all of your items already ready for you to use.

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Grocery Collection

If you’re looking for a Jekyll Island grocery service that is guaranteed to have any item you might need, SSI Groceries is the place! Their grocery collection is stunningly extensive and has any item that you might need while you’re in town. As far as food, you can secure all of your favorite pantry staples, select from the freshest produce on the island, and even get grocery specialties like deli items, meat and seafood, and fresh-baked bread, and pastries. 

In addition to your basic meal ingredients, you can also get plenty of snacks, drinks, frozen items, and even premade meals. If you prefer to purchase organic products or need some gluten-free items, SSI Groceries can take care of that for you as well.

Plan Your Next Vacation

As impressive as our vacation rentals are, we also strive to offer exemplary customer service to every guest we encounter. We can start by helping you decide on the ideal rental for your group; we make sure that your property is clean and perfectly prepared for you before you come, and we’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have during your stay. Are you ready to plan your dream getaway to Jekyll Island? Contact us today to get started!

Try Jekyll Errand Girl Services

Another one of our partnerships on Jekyll Island is with Jekyll Errand Girl services! This is the Golden Isles first concierge service and provides awesome perks like transportation, housekeeping, child/elder care, handyman, and shopping/delivery services. There is a broad range of services that can help you with any problem you run into while staying in one of our Jekyll Island vacation homes.

Jekyll Errand Girl Services really does offer it all! They can also get the other items you might need to make your stay a success. Any cleaning supplies you might need, such as cleaning wipes, dish soap, and dishwasher pods, can be easily secured. Jekyll Errand Girl Service can also get all kinds of paper goods, all the health and beauty supplies you might need, as well as helpful items for your babies, kids, and pets.

Finally, if you’re in town for a special occasion, Jekyll Errand Girl Service has you covered! They have a range of services which can make your life easy. Say you need a delicious cake or special dessert to celebrate your exciting occasion, or a fun celebration basket, balloons, flowers, and more – whatever you need this service is the one for you! No matter what brings you to town, Jekyll Errand Girl Service can help you celebrate in style and keep everyone happy.

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Book Your Jekyll Island Cottage

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to get your groceries delivered to your Jekyll Island rental, it’s time to book your stay! If you’re debating the benefits between vacation rentals vs. hotels, keep in mind that many hotels don’t offer services like grocery delivery since you won’t have your kitchen available. Additionally, staying in a vacation rental provides you with the affordability, security, and privacy that a hotel simply can’t provide. Now, there are plenty of places to find vacation rentals in Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island. Still, Parker-Kaufman is proud to be one of the most trusted vacation rental companies in the area!

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of vacation rentals for any size group on any budget. Whether you’re traveling solo, with your sweetheart, or with the whole extended family, we have convenient St. Simons Island rentals that will suit your needs. Our rentals are all unique but offer standard features such as a fully equipped kitchen, plenty of living and dining space, high-speed Internet access, and close proximity to the best activities in Jekyll Island!