Why are Vacation Rentals Better Than Hotels for a Family Vacation?

While hotels have some perks, there are few things better for a vacationing family than a spacious and unique vacation rental. With our Jekyll Island cottages, you get top-quality perks not often afforded to you in your standard hotel.

But what exactly makes our Jekyll Island vacation rentals the full package, and what are you really getting that you can rarely if ever, find in a hotel?

Save on Your Vacation

Vacation rentals are, uniformly, cheaper than their hotel counterparts. This allows you and your family to place more money into top area attractions and activities.

If you consider the added space you get given you have an entire home and not just a single hotel nook, the price is exceptional. Without that consideration, you often find vacation rentals markedly lower in price due to the lack of large corporate rate standards from hotels. Compared together, and vacation rentals often come out on top. When you choose to book with us, book directly on our site to save on fees!

kid virtually learning on a laptop

Bring School With

With added space, multiple rooms to attain some privacy, and other vacation rental features, you can find a great opportunity to take school with you. The kids can find their own respective spaces to pencil in paperwork and review their laptops for answers. An outlet is always close by if you need to plug in a laptop, and extra storage nooks and closets allow you to store backpacks and even in-progress art projects.

Privacy and Security

Privacy has so many wonderful benefits for the whole family. It is something you may have a hard time finding if you manage to squeeze into a hotel.

Vacation rentals offer a genuine home. Multiple rooms, a large kitchen, outside deck, and more make up the full breadth of places you can go to find a little privacy. Doors close, bed are separated into bedrooms, and everyone can have a unique space to call their own. Hotels, typically one open area, don’t often afford this luxury. Furthermore, you are surrounded, just down the hall right or left, by other visiting tourists. 

Plan Your Visit

While the age-old argument of vacation rentals vs. hotels may rage on in some circles, we think it has finally come to a definitive close. Take a well-earned family vacation at one of our Jekyll Island vacation rentals and absorb all the above bonuses- and more.

Security is also an important thing to consider, regardless of where you stay. Our vacation rentals have added security features to keep you and your family feeling safe. Contact us for additional details.

front porch of Jekyll Island rental

Feel Like a Local

Perhaps the greatest aspect of any Jekyll Island family vacation is feeling like a part of the community you are visiting. This is exactly what you get if you stay at one of our unique and special Villas by the Sea in Jekyll Island.

We offer luxury homes, not unlike many of the homes you may drive or bike by on the island. For the duration of your stay, you are truly a part of this community. You have many amenities the locals have, including access to the gorgeous beaches and close proximity to the local sights and sounds. Go visit the Georgia Sea Turtle Center or the Mosaic Gardens. Walk or rent a Jekyll Island bike through the about 25 miles of trail ways or visit the Summer Waves Water Park– a top local hotspot for families.

All the while, you return to a home- not a hotel- in the heart of the community beachside and not nestled amongst the other major hotels in a single two-block radius. Mingle and live in the neighborhoods in a home-away-from-home, and not a stopover in a hotel. This is what a vacation getaway should look like.