Experience the Island Treasures Jekyll Island Event

Are you planning a trip to Jekyll Island? You’ll want to know all the best things to do while you’re here! There are all kinds of permanent attractions for you to check out, including the stunning shorelines, the welcoming shops, and the mouthwatering restaurants.

If you happen to be in town in January or February, you don’t want to miss out on the Island Treasures event. It’s easily one of the most unique and exciting things to do in Jekyll Island throughout the year. Here’s what you should expect if you’re staying in our Jekyll Island cottages during that time! 

About the Event 

The Jekyll Island treasure hunt, known worldwide as Jekyll Island Treasures, is an event that is sure to put a smile on your face and a little mischief back in your heart. Each year, Jekyll Island takes it upon itself to entrust a group of very skilled artists from all over the country to make up a dazzling variety of handmade glass globes. A period of two months is set aside for the event, and “beach buddies” are posted with the job of traversing the island in search of a place to tuck each globe away and conceal them. 

Then, visitors to the island search for them in one of the most enjoyable scavengers hunt this side of the Rio Grande. The good news for visitors is that when they find one of the Jekyll Island hidden treasures, it officially belongs to them to take home and keep forever. Folks come from miles around to participate in this wacky but extravagant adventure. The lucky winners take home a beautiful and historic artifact providing eternal memories of their time on the Golden Isles. Want to take part in this wonderfully entertaining event? You can! Bring all your friends and family and get ready for a unique kind of fun. It is without a doubt one of the most exciting things to do on Jekyll Island!

The history of the Island Treasures event is an interesting one. Way back in the first decades of the 1900s, those who fished the East Coast for a living were very serious about their craft. They needed floats and markers to keep their fishing nets in place, so they used hollow glass balls, but there was a problem. Sometimes these floats would get loose and become lost forever, ending up floating around for a while until they washed up on the shores or became caught up in the kelp. Eventually, they would be spotted by local beachgoers and taken home as souvenirs. 

The word began to spread, and before long, folks were no longer stumbling across the globes but actively searching for them. By the 1950s, glass globe hunting along the coast became a hobby and a prevalent one at that. Industrious beachcombers were lucky enough to create a wonderful collection of things, and as they say, the rest is history. Needless to say, as with most things in life, the “souvenirs” became big news and evolved into the Island Treasures event we see today. What a great story, and what a very significant event!

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Where to Explore 

You may be asking, “But where do I look for these lovely orbs?” Grab a bike from the local bike rental shop or bring your bike because that is just the beginning of how to get to where they may be hidden. Imagine you are on the island, and you want to be one of this year’s winners. You might start at Driftwood Beach or the Horton House. Then again, you should probably take a look in the Historic District and also check out the Beach Village and Great Dunes State Park, as many lucky winners have found their shiny and sparkling glass treasures there. They are out there just waiting for you, so put on your glasses and search every bush, every knurly tree root, and every tree. There are no rules as to where they might be found, but they are there, make no mistake; they are indeed hidden in plain sight.

When is the Event?

The Island Treasures event takes place from January to the end of February, so be sure to book your Jekyll Island rental well in advance to stake your claim as a scavenger in one of the most exciting hunts known to man. The anticipation is just the beginning, and you will meet some great like-minded people with who you might fall in love. Anything can and does happen at this historical event, so pack your hunting boots and get ready to have the most fun you’ve ever had with them. 

Book Your Jekyll Island Vacation Rental 

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Just book your Jekyll Island vacation rentals in plenty of time for the event (which occurs from January 1st to February 28th), and you’re in! If you’re looking for a more romantic getaway, ask about our Jekyll Island cottages which feature 1- to 6-bedroom units, some right on the ocean, and all just a short walk to tons of Jekyll Island events and, of course, great shopping, restaurants, and island activities such as golf, tennis, biking, fishing, and a great water park. Plus, many are pet-friendly too!

Jekyll Island rentals on the Jewel of Georgia, as islanders call it, are always available, easy to locate, and are the answer to all your vacation concerns regarding lodging for the big event. Visiting Jekyll Island offers so much more than just a vacation. Jekyll Island is a historical place with many grand old homes once belonging to the Rockefellers, the Goulds, the Morgans, and many more famous folks. 

Parker Kaufman offers some of the most charming and most sought-after rentals on Jekyll Island. The Cottages at Jekyll Island offer oceanfront rentals that you will never want to leave with amenities you will love. We start with 3-bedroom units and go up from there. The ocean view is breathtaking, and beach access is steps away. Don’t bother bringing anything from home other than the family dog because these kitchens are immaculate and always fully equipped. They feature luxury swimming pools, fitness centers, and relaxing around a fire pit in the evening. 

Plan Your Visit!

Between the treasure hunts, amazing restaurants, and famous views, our Jekyll Island vacation rentals offer fun for the entire family. Don’t miss out!

Those lucky enough to select Georgia’s Jekyll Island for their vacation getaway will enjoy long stretches of natural beaches and take some time to explore marshlands with many beautiful birds and other exciting wildlife. Go golfing, fishing, snorkeling, and a host of other water sports. When you are in the mood for romance, there is no better place than the island with its gorgeous sunsets and then out for dinner at one of the many fabulous restaurants—good cuisine, great desserts, and dancing under the stars. Call Parker Kaufman today for information about the Jekyll Island Treasures and book the vacation of a lifetime at The Cottages at Jekyll Island. You’ll be glad you did!