Add Some Thrill To Your Jekyll Island Vacation and Check Golden Isle Speedway!

Embarking on a journey to Jekyll Island guarantees more than just a serene escape amidst beautiful beach landscapes and inviting Jekyll Island rentals. For thrill-seekers and families alike, the island presents many Jekyll Island things to do, ensuring that every day is packed with excitement and discovery. 

A standout among these is the exhilarating Golden Isle Speedway, a haven for speed enthusiasts and a source of pulsating action. Strategically located near Jekyll Island harbor, the speedway offers easy access to various Jekyll Island vacation rentals,  making it a convenient and must-visit attraction. 

Whether you are residing in luxurious Jekyll Island vacation condos or cozy Jekyll Island condo rentals, a trip to Golden Isle Speedway is bound to inject a dose of thrill into your tranquil island getaway, perfectly complementing the array of family-friendly activities available on Jekyll Island. So, buckle up as we cover what makes Golden Isle Speedway a thrilling addition to your Jekyll Island vacation itinerary!

What Is Dirt Track Racing?

Dirt kicked up from racing at dirt track

Dirt track racing, a thrilling motorsport, usually unfolds on a dusty surface like a horse race track. Contrary to what the name might suggest, the track isn’t just a random dirt surface. Machines meticulously prepare the tracks to ensure consistency, and water is added just before the race to minimize dust.

Tracing its roots back to the 1920s and 1930s, dirt track racing has evolved from informal competitions to a worldwide sport, attracting multitudes of spectators eager to witness the exhilaration of car racing on unique tracks.

Originating from when automobile enthusiasts sought the thrill of racing their vehicles on unconventional terrains, this sport has significantly diversified over the years, with various racing car types and track designs making each race a unique experience. Dirt racing offers an adrenaline rush that makes it irresistible to thrill-seekers. It is an exciting stress reliever and a captivating spectacle for the audience. 

The cars used in dirt track racing have evolved, with variations such as open-wheel cars, including sprint cars, modified cars, and stock cars, showcasing the diversity of vehicles tailored for different tracks and racing preferences. Karts, quarter midgets, street stocks, and micro-sprint cars are among the many options available today, catering to racers of all ages and experience levels.

In the United States, dirt tracks are typically no less than one mile long, showcasing the diversity in track design and the adaptability required by racers. Each track presents its unique challenges, contributing to the thrilling nature of the sport.

From the roar of the engines to the dust flying off the tracks, dirt racing offers a sensory spectacle unlike any other motorsport. The history, the variety of cars, and the unique tracks all contribute to making dirt track racing a beloved sport across the globe. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a newbie starting with a kart or a quarter midget, the world of dirt racing promises excitement and adventure.

Golden Isles Speedway

Golden Isles Speedway is a haven for dirt track racing enthusiasts near the Golden Isles in South Georgia. This racing facility features a 4/10 mile clay oval track, providing racers and spectators with intense and thrilling racing experiences under the Georgia sky.

Golden Isles Speedway hosts many events throughout the year as a popular destination for dirt racing, drawing in participants and fans from all corners of the country. The Speedway is renowned for its well-maintained track, high-caliber racing, and vibrant atmosphere, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

One of the Speedway’s highlights is its diverse range of racing categories, catering to seasoned racers and budding enthusiasts. Whether it’s sprint cars, modified cars, stock cars, karts, or midgets, the variety ensures something for everyone, making each event a unique spectacle. 

The track’s meticulous preparation, consistent surface, and the strategic addition of water to minimize dust contribute to the exhilarating races and the venue’s esteemed reputation.

Moreover, the Speedway also offers ample amenities for visitors, including convenient parking, food and beverage stalls, and spectator seating, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all. The friendly and welcoming community around the Speedway adds to the charm, making every visit feel like a celebration of speed, skill, and the enduring spirit of dirt track racing.

Whether you’re a seasoned racing fan or a newcomer to the sport, Golden Isles Speedway, with its thrilling races, diverse vehicle categories, and vibrant atmosphere, coupled with the scenic beauty of the surrounding area, promises an unforgettable experience in the heart of South Georgia.

Plan Your Visit

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What To Bring

When planning a visit to a dirt track race, packing the right items is essential for an enjoyable experience. Ensure you bring comfortable seating like cushions or portable chairs, as the provided seating might be hard or limited. Wear appropriate clothing, considering both the weather and the dust; layers, a hat, and sunglasses are advisable. 

Ear protection is crucial due to the roaring engines, and binoculars will enhance your view of the action. Don’t forget sunscreen and hydration, especially in sunny weather. Snacks can keep energy levels up, and a camera will capture the memorable moments of thrilling races.


Entrance to the grandstands opens at 3:30 p.m., with adult admission priced at $15.00, while children 12 & under enjoy free entry. Visitors can bring a lunchbox-size cooler, but note that these cannot take up a seat and are subject to be searched. Glass containers are not allowed. Small propane heaters are permitted, ensuring you stay warm during cooler race days.

Where to Stay

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Whether you are a racing fan or a lover of natural beauty and history, combining your stay at Parker-Kaufman rentals with a visit to the Golden Isle Speedway promises a vacation filled with excitement, relaxation, and unforgettable memories.