Enjoy a Day Trip to Savannah, GA During Your Jekyll Island Vacation

When planning a relaxing getaway to Jekyll Island, an excursion to nearby Savannah, GA, offers a rich and diverse cultural experience to complement your coastal retreat. Savannah is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, boasting cobblestone streets, manicured gardens, and a charming historic district that beckons visitors to explore its captivating blend of history, art, and Southern hospitality.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through some must-visit attractions and tours that await you during your day trip to Savannah while vacationing at your Jekyll Island vacation rental.

Telfair Museums

Step into the past and present of Savannah’s artistic heritage by visiting the renowned Telfair Museums. Established in 1883 through the vision of philanthropist Mary Telfair, the museum comprises three distinct buildings: the Telfair Academy, the Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters, and the contemporary Jepson Center for the Arts. Each building encapsulates a different era of art and architecture, connecting visitors through centuries of artistic expression. The Telfair Museums are a vibrant cultural hub, fostering awareness and appreciation for the arts while offering a dynamic experience for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Immerse yourself in the artistic legacy of the South as you explore this historic landmark during your Jekyll Island vacation.

Savannah Historic District

The historic heart of Savannah welcomes you with its enchanting cobblestone streets, lush gardens, and iconic oak trees adorned with Spanish Moss. As the largest National Historic Landmark District in the United States, Savannah’s Historic District exudes a timeless charm that captivates travelers of all ages. The district is a treasure trove of Revolutionary and Civil War history, with over twenty city squares brimming with museums, churches, and stately mansions. Stroll through this living testament to America’s past, where every corner reveals a new story waiting to be discovered during your Jekyll Island vacation.


Embark on captivating tours that offer a unique perspective on Savannah’s history and paranormal mysteries. From the rich heritage of the Old Sorrel Weed House to the entertaining Old Town Trolley Tours and insightful Historic Walking Tours, these experiences promise to enrich your day trip to Savannah with unforgettable memories and fascinating tales.

Savannah, GA skyline
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The Old Sorrel Weed House

Immerse yourself in the intriguing history of Savannah by visiting the Old Sorrel Weed House Museum & Tours. Known for its History Tours, Walking Tours, Ghost Tours, and Paranormal Investigations, this historic house offers a range of experiences for visitors to delve into the city’s past. Built by Charles Clusky in the 1830s for wealthy French Haitian merchant Francis Sorrel, this extraordinary house has hosted well-known guests like Robert E. Lee and was renowned for its lavish parties. Join a History Tour and immerse yourself in the days of the Antebellum South. As you explore the historic property, you’ll gain insight into the lives and stories of the people who once called it home. For those seeking a more thrilling experience, the Ghost Tours at the Sorrel Weed House offer a unique perspective. Led by a master storyteller and paranormal investigator, these tours take you through the rooms, hallways, and darkest corners of the property. Delve into the haunted history of the Sorrel Weed House as you hear first-hand accounts, combining historical events with personal and sometimes tragic moments from the property’s past. 

Old Town Trolley Tours

Step back in time with Old Town Trolley Tours, a renowned company that began as a vision shared by three friends in Key West, Florida, during the early 1970s. Chris Belland, Ed Swift, and Moe Mosher’s passion for history led them to restore the historic storefronts of Duval Street, sparking a revival of interest in preserving the colorful heritage of Old Town Key West. Starting with a humble converted bread truck and homemade trailer, Old Town Trolley Tours grew in popularity and expanded its fleet, launching a new era of sightseeing in 1980. Since its inception, Old Town Trolley Tours has been dedicated to providing visitors with the opportunity to “See the Best First” by offering comprehensive and insightful tours. Over the years, the company has welcomed more than 70,000 passengers annually in Key West, making it a beloved and trusted way to explore the city’s history and landmarks. Embark on an Old Town Trolley Tour during your Jekyll Island vacation to Savannah for a delightful and educational adventure through the city’s most iconic attractions.

Historic Walking Tour

Discover the allure of Savannah’s historic core by joining a Historic Walking Tour that will transport you through time as you explore the city’s charming streets and significant landmarks. Begin your journey in Reynolds Square, a picturesque setting that is the perfect starting point for your exploration. Explore cobbled alleyways and pastel-colored buildings that characterize Savannah’s unique architectural style, and listen as your knowledgeable guide shares fascinating insights into the city’s vibrant past. As you traverse Savannah on foot, you’ll encounter top sights like Forsyth Park, River Street, and the original Girl Scout Headquarters building, each offering a glimpse into a different chapter of Savannah’s history. With ample opportunities for photos and questions, this walking tour provides a comprehensive overview of the city’s colorful heritage, from its origins as the first Georgia colony to its pivotal role in the Civil War and subsequent revival.

Plan Your Visit

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