Take a Day Trip to Cumberland Island, Georgia

When people think of the hottest vacation spots you can be sure that California, Florida, and even the Carolina’s make the list. However, what people don’t realize is that just a little north of Florida is a state that is home to so many excellent vacation spots! We are obviously talking about Georgia, and more importantly, Jekyll Island, and St. Simons.

With so many incredible Jekyll Island rentals to choose from we have plenty of spots to call your home away from home for a week, or even longer, why have you never investigated more?

While both of these islands are home to some incredible rentals, we also want to talk about one of our favorite places in Georgia, and one of the reasons why you should visit this area during your next vacation. We are talking about Cumberland Island.

The Ferry

You will know that you are heading somewhere truly incredible when you board the Cumberland Queen for a short ferry ride across the bay to a secluded paradise that is known is Cumberland Island. You will be absolutely in love with the ride over, allowing you to enjoy a lovely breeze off the water, and see plenty of various species of marine life and waterfowl. The prices are reasonable, and the Cumberland Island ferry has various times for which it departs, giving you ample opportunity to plan your visit. 

cumberland island beach

Unspoiled Beaches

The beaches are completely unspoiled, meaning you are getting some of the most pristine beach conditions in the world. If you are looking for gorgeous white sands, windswept dunes, and some incredible beach conditions than this is the beach for you. With the unspoiled beaches comes a plethora of wildlife that have called this area home, including wild horses, turkeys, alligators, deer, armadillos, and a lot of coastal birds.

horse running on the beach

Wild Horse Island

Wild Horse Island is another reason to board the ferry, as you will be whisked away to an island that is full of various species, including the wild horses that roam free across the island. There is no beach-front development on the island, and very little interior improvements, meaning you are getting an island that is unspoiled and ready for you to explore.

Dungeness & Plum Orchard

While on the island you need to be sure and check out the various historic sites that are available, including Dungeness and Plum Orchard. Dungeness was built in 1884 by Thomas Carnegie and his wife Lucy. The Dungeness then burned down in the 1950s, but the ruins remain intact. When you arrive, you will notice the horses and other wildlife that are roaming freely through the ruins and along the beach. 

plum orchard mansion

Plum Orchard was a 1898 Georgian Revival mansion that was commissioned by Lucy Carnegie for her son George. The mansion was donated to the National Park Foundation by the Carnegie family in 1971. This has become a widely visited historic site in Georgia, and in much of the United states. Once again the amount of wildlife that you will encounter in this area is incredible, and you are sure to have plenty of stories to tell when you return. 

Plan Your Next Visit

If you require any additional assistance or would like to speak to someone about booking your vacation, then please give us a call at 912.635.2512 and let us help you book the best of our Jekyll Island or St. Simons Island rentals!

Vacations don’t always mean that you need to escape to a tropical climate. While Georgia may not be considered “tropical” in the traditional sense, the state offers warm weather year-round. You will be able to take full advantage of it while you are enjoying your stay here at the Villas by the Sea Jekyll Island. 

Couple that with some incredible opportunities to see amazing wildlife, some fun Ferry rides, and a visit to multiple islands while you are here and you are sure to have an absolutely incredible time. Regardless of the size of your party, we have some amazing Jekyll Island cottages for you to choose from, and you are sure to find the one that is a perfect fit.