7 Cozy Comfy Jekyll Island Rentals Perfect for Your Romantic Escape!

Jekyll Island is located on the southernmost part of the Golden Isles in Glynn County, USA, and the island is home to 33 historic structures, which include the Jekyll Island Club Resort.

However, before the island became a resort, it was first a vacation location for the wealthiest families in the United States. These industrialists would come to the island with their families and friends to spend the summer hunting, golfing, and having a good time away from the stress of work and the city. They lived on the part of the island now known as a historical landmark called the Historic District. This landmark is a 240-acre site nicknamed the “Millionaire’s Village.” Now the island’s 5,500-acre space belongs to the state of Georgia and is a significant tourist attraction.

The government declared the island a state park, and it is now known for wildlife preservation and a relaxation spot for visitors and tourists.

We understand that deciding on a location for your honeymoon or getaway can be a lot since many options exist. What you need is a beautiful and comfortable place to stay while you take in and explore the beauty that is Jekyll Island, and we have the perfect fit for you.

Whether you are newlyweds on a honeymoon or a couple who wants to take a break and enjoy the sunshine on a resort island, or even for a small family on vacation, the Jekyll Island rentals on the island are sure to meet your needs and taste using St. Simons Island rentals.

Villa 208

cozy villa decorated with lush palm leaves

Searching for Villas by the Sea Jekyll Island? Look no further! Villa 208 at Villas by the Sea  is officially known as “Retreat.” This villa is perfect if you are on vacation alone, newlywed, or have a small family.

This Jekyll Island vacation rental villa is decorated in an informal ocean and lighthouse theme based on the owner’s love for nature and Jekyll Island’s natural wonders, history, and the opportunities for adventure available. The villa’s landscape includes live oak trees in the front and backyard of the building. The trees provide shade on sunny days and keep the house cool, giving an ambiance that prompts relaxation.

Villa 208 is across the road from Horton Pond, a natural habitat where you can bird watch and see the wildlife on the island. The retreat is also 150 yards away from Driftwood Beach.

The “Retreat” villa has a gym and a children’s playground with a pirate ship in the backyard. There is also an onsite, solar-heated pool on the property.

Villa 229

white villa nestled under native trees

Villa 229 on the island side is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom mini-suite perfect for newlywed couples on their honeymoon. The villa is on the second floor of the resort hotel and is a short walk from the beach, pool, gym, and playground. The villa is pet-friendly all year round, but a fee is required.

The villa is also supplied with amenities – bed linens, paper towels, tissue paper, dish soap, dishwasher, and detergents are provided in the suite. The suite is also big enough to accommodate four people.

Villa 254

bright and airy living room with blue furnishings

Villa By The Sea Jekyll Island Villa 254 is a newly updated mini-suite with one bedroom and bathroom. The suite is minutes from the beach, the children’s playground, the gym, and the local restaurant “Driftwood Bistro.” We have a friendly policy for our visitors’ pets, but it attracts a fee.

The suite accommodates two people, and amenities are provided in the unit. The resort management includes paper towels, bed linens, toilet paper, dish soap, and other personal amenities that you would need.

The villa has a beach access boardwalk; however, the beach may not be available at high tide. But you can enjoy the view from the oceanfront boardwalk or one of the public beach access parks south of the villa.

The villa is also near the pool at V BTS. When the tide is high, you can always swim in the pool.

Villa 336

beach themed living room with touches of green and blue

Villa 336 is a freshly renovated suite in the resort. Taking a lot of things into consideration, the suite was revamped in style to give the beachy feel as soon as you step into the space. The suite, upon renovations, has a new refrigerator, new granite countertops, and a completely renovated bathroom.

The kitchen is also a beauty to behold. If you or your spouse love to cook, you will find our kitchen fully loaded with utilities as beautiful as a Christmas gift. If you are, however, a fan of fine dining, you can take a walk down to the Driftwood Bistro just across the pool area.

The suite is packed with utilities for optimal comfort – a queen-sized bed, one bath, plus a sleeper sofa. The suite is also equipped with high-speed internet, two TVs, both access to cable channels, and one of the TVs has streaming platforms like Netflix, prime, Disney, and Hulu.

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Villa 478

earth tone furniture in modern living room

Jekyll Island vacation condos villa 478 is a brand-new rental suite. It is a one-bedroom suite with a ground-floor entry and a direct ocean view. The kitchen has state appliances like the Nutribullet, Keurig, a traditional coffee maker, and other necessary appliances.

In the bedroom is a queen-sized bed, and you will also find the bathroom pleasing. The villa is provided with amenities like bed linens, a set of paper towels, toilet paper, detergent, and dish soap. You will also find an iron, ironing board, and hair dryer for personal use.

The suite is less than 200 steps from the beach shore. There you have to go swimming, surfing, or just lay back and watch the birds while getting a tan on the shore. You can also choose to watch the wildlife species on the island in your free time.

For the best food on the island, stop at the villa’s Driftwood Bistro – whether you want to try out the local cuisine or get some hotdogs, Driftwood is the best place to get them.

Also on the resort is a swimming pool, fitness room, a mini-store, and volleyball nets, which you can set up for a game or two.

There is so much to see and do on the island resort, and hiking to the historical sight is an option. You could also walk down to Driftwood Beach, adjacent to the villa. There are also bike trails, a water park, restaurants, stores, a mini-golf course, and the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

Villa 455

coastal themed living room with sleek modern furnishings

Villa 455 is one of Jekyll Island’s cottages. It is just a short walk from the beach. It has one bedroom, a sofa sleeper, and a one-bath condo. The suite has everything, from a state-of-the-art kitchen to a pool at the back of the villa and an ocean view.

The suite provides basic amenities like toilet paper, dish soap, detergent, and paper towels.

Villa 401

exterior of villa rental nestled in native vegetation

The Cottages at Jekyll Island Villa 401 is a one-bedroom and one-bath suite on the Jekyll Island vacation rentals. The suite is only a short walking distance from the beach. 

There is also an in-house fitness center, a restaurant and a playground for kids, a furnished living room, and a fully equipped kitchen.

The unit also provides amenities like paper towels, detergent, dish soap, and other essentials.